Dinner Delux


Unmixed Session, great to have in the background while working. Like some sort of wallpaper for your ears


1: Imagination – Just An Illusion (Lindstrom vocal remix)
2: Mister Modo, Ugly Mac Beer, Jessica Fitoussi – Danger Modo
3: The Opensouls, the Tornatoes, Tyra Hammond – You got me thinkin’
4: Amy Winehouse – Love is a losing game
5: BJörk Guðmundsdóttir og Tríó Guðmundar Ingólfssonar – Það sést ekki sætari mey
6: Emilíana Torrini – Ha Ha
7: Dinah Washington – Cry me a river (Truth & Soul remix)
8: NOTORIOUS B.I.G – Hypnotize
9: Mylo – Sunworshipper
10: Rolling stones – You can’t always get what you want (soul wax mix)
11: Antena – Camino del sol (Todd Terje remix)
12: Creative use – Divine Edits (Serotonin edit)



Dinner Delux